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Praise for The Global Intern

"I thought this would be an opportune time to say thank you for facilitating the internship. I have just been offered a full time position with a UK company and I am certain that the letter of recommendation from my MP helped to facilitate the offer. I would like to express my gratitude to The Global Intern for setting up the internship as I wouldn't even be in the UK if it weren't for that! I am enjoying London so much that I may be staying here for some time. The internship proved an invaluable, once in a lifetime experience, so I couldn't be more grateful for the help. Also, I would like to say that I really appreciated you keeping your fees affordable. I had noted that some other companies were charging far more money, essentially making it unaffordable for most people."
Derek G.
Parliamentary Intern

"I saw "Prime Minister's Questions" live on my first day of interning, I saw a few hundred people protest the treatment of the Ghurkas outside Westminster, and I passed by David Cameron, Leader of the opposition Conservative Party, on my way to lunch the other day. I got to travel to my MP's constituency to help with local elections and I did tons of different things... I was involved in 5 different campaigns! Not everyone I helped won, three out of the five did. There was one that stuck out and it's something I probably will not forget...One of the candidates was a Mayor and his wife was also running as a councilor. I got to stay with them a few days. The first count, they said he lost by two votes and after the recount it was announced he was actually above by two votes and ended up winning. It was awesome and exciting. It really was invaluable stuff for me and I feel very fortunate to have worked with such a nice and hard working campaign team"
Sam Park
Parliamentary Intern, Indiana University Student

"Everything is going fantastic and I am loving the internship more and more everyday; the work I do everyday is more than interesting and it helps that I get along very well with the MP and his assistant. We usually spend our after-work hours together at the pub in Westminster watching the football matches. I was able to sit in on the Prime Minster's debate in the House of Commons, and that was one of the best events I have ever experienced. For the past couple of weeks, I have been playing on the Parliamentary football (soccer) team. It's been a blast. We play other club teams such as BBC, Sky News and Sky Sports, and then finally even Refugees from Somalia & Afghanistan during Refugee Week here in London. I have also attended debates in the House and Committee meetings. It has been an incredible experience."
Conor Garvin
Parliamentary Intern, University of Miami Student

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