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International internship opportunities

An internship abroad is an amazing experience that will have a profound influence on you today and throughout your future as a professional. For the same cost as just three to six credits at an American university, a global internship will:

  • Make you stand out from the crowd, both in your resume and graduate school application

  • Offer you an authentic experience abroad, where you immerse yourself in a unique culture as a local, not just as a tourist

  • Give you a leg up in the job market with highly-valued international work experience, something especially important to international firms

  • Put your classroom lessons into action by applying them to real world situations

  • Start your lifelong process of building quality professional contacts, essential to your career growth now and in years to come.

Have an industry in mind? Look no further. We have relationships with hundreds of organizations in dozens of cities around the world. You can choose from the following main programs, or contact us and let us create a custom program for you.

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